Some of the facts about the most expensive prostitute

Prostitution has become the right source of people in the entire world. People are more engaged in this type of activity because they can earn the money that they cannot even imagine form any other work.

Due to the legality of prostitution in various countries, it has become the most popular activity. A prostitute having high demand in the market can charge more than $2500 in an hour.

Following are the exciting facts about the most expensive prostitutes of the world

  • Some most popular prostitutes who are hired by the music stars and millionaires play in a hundred thousand dollars in a few hours. These types of prostitutes mainly include models as well as some public figures.
  • Sugar babies are the other most expensive types of prostitutes available in the world. These are not having the main the primary profession of prostitutes, but they offer the various sexual services in the name of expensive gifts, value able items as well as thousands of dollar. You can mainly found these services near the clubs and playboy casinos.

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  • Michelle Braun is known as the most expensive prostitute of the entire world. She usually charges 50,000 dollars for a single appointment. In addition, if you are planning to go on a date with Michelle Brown, you have to pay the massive amount for $43,000. Michelle is known as the most demanding madam in Hollywood, and the big stars and celebrities mainly hire her.
  • The Nici girls are the other most expensive types of prostitute available in the market. These girls can be hired for the services at unique places. They provide the different kinds of sex services.